TechnoTsunami Walkthrough Part 3 – Boiler Room

Boiler Room
“The White Robot” Continues
Go down the stairs and get the Boiler Room map from the vending machine.
You learn from the note on the wall that some doors are rusted and stuck and can only be opened with a high heat source.
Use the switch and open the door without touching the laser.
When you enter the next room you will receive the quest “The Machinist”.
But right now, we cannot pass to the places we need to go to do this task because the doors are rusty.
So first we have to kill Mr. White’s robot head and get the laser unit from it.

Go to the Quantum Accelerator in the Backup Boilers room.
Use the robot head on the left. Now, when you use the Quantum Accelerator, a laser will come out of the robot’s head.
Turn the valve on the opposite side 3 times and bring the pointer to 3 o’clock.
Now take the batteries lying on the ground next to the Quantum accelerator. With these batteries, you can run for a long time without stopping.
Use the quantum accelerator and quickly go to the door heated by the laser, open the door and quickly follow the laser to open the Boiler Disposal door.
When you enter the opened corridor, “The White Robot” quest will be completed.

Follow the corridor and enter the Boiler Disposal room.

Boiler Disposal (Boss Fight)
Phase 1
Once inside, you will see that Mr.White’s robot head is on the ground and you will receive a new quest “The Evil Head”. The robot head will fly towards you and after a while it will start attacking you.
You cannot damage the Robot Head with your weapons.
You will see valves and switches on the walls of the room.
The switches will repair your strength if you are standing on the platform after a while, like GYM tools in the Atrium. It will be very useful in this fight.
Valves are rusted and stuck.
If you can hit the lasers of the robot head against the valves the valves will open and a few power drinks and bullets will be spilled on the ground alongside a bunch of tiny cleaning robots.
In order for the laser of the robot head to hit the valves, stand in front of the valve and move aside while the robot is firing so that the laser hits the valve.

The robot head will heat the platforms with its laser sequentially after every 5 lasers and prevent you from standing on the platform.
But at the same time, if there are cleaning robots on the platform, they will explode and damage the robot head.

When all platforms are warmed up, it will switch to the second phase of the battle.

Phase 2
The robot head will come to you and shoot 5 times with laser. Avoid lasers by making strafe. Then the Robot head will fly up and spill a lot of blue Cleaner Robots. Escape this area and blast them by throwing a cleaning robot if there is one. If you do not have a Cleaning Robot, you can collect it from cleaner robots around.

Then from the robot head, Alice will jump down and attack you. At the same time, the Robot head will go to the other side of the room and pour cleaning robots again, so be careful not to stand on that side.

It will reduce the strength of the Robot Head with the damage you inflict on Alice. So attack Alice with all your might.

The robot head will take Alice and rise after spilling tiny robots a second time.

Platforms and stairs will cool down after a while. Go upstairs again and continue fighting in the same way until the robot head dies.
When the Robot Head (Evil Head) dies, the laser unit will come out.

When you pick up the laser unit from the ground, “The Evil Head” quest will be completed.

You can now use the laser as a weapon and open rusted doors by pressing the “X” key.

Open the door you enter the room using the laser and follow the corridor.

Weaver will come when you get to the middle of the hallway. Just go to the Quantum Accelerometer and use it as usual when the environment is very dark and wait for Weaver to go.

You can now access all indoor areas of the Boiler Room.

“The Machinist”
Go back to the room you first came to the Boiler Room and climb the stairs to the second floor.
Open the door with a laser and enter the Oil pipes cleaning room. There is a valve behind the pipes on the ground here. Take it. You will need two more valves. These two valves are in the Backup Boilers Room.
When you enter Backup Boilers, take the second valve right under the stairs on the left. Then take the stairs upstairs. Hop on the bridge between the Boilers and grab the last Valve from the top of the boiler closest to the entrance and go to the Water tanks chamber.

Water Tanks
Here you will see the places where you should use the valves in white. You can install the valves but don’t try to use them now.

Go up the stairs and enter the control room.
When you read the note on the table, you learn that water must actively flow from all valves in order to activate the water tanks.
If you turn the valves now, the water flow will stop until you reach the switch in the control room.
To slow down the water flow rate, you have to detonate all air conditioners in the Water tanks room.
First, blow up the air conditioner in the control room.
Then the air conditioner on the wall above the water tanks.
Then at the very end of the room the air conditioner on the wall
And finally, blow up the air conditioner behind a tank on the bottom floor.

Now turn all 3 valves one after the other in no time at all and quickly go up the ladder to the control room. Use the switch. If there is active water in all valves, the water tanks will be active.

Your next task is to clean the oil pipes. Go to Oil Pipes Cleaning on the second floor in the room you first came to Boiler Room.

Oil Pipes Cleaning
Here you will see a control sitting on the table. Using these controls you will take control of a cleaning robot inside the oil pipes.
Looking at the pipe map on the Oil Pipes Cleaning room wall, find 10 Space Clams blocking the pipes and explode them.
With all the Space Clams destroyed, it’s time to clear the boilers. For that, go to the Main Boilers room.

Main Boilers
On the note on one of the boilers, you learn that you need to use environmentally friendly green cleaner robots to clean the boilers.

Go up to the second floor and you’ll see a green cleaning robot walking around. Your aim is to make this robot follow you and let them fall through the covers on the boilers.
To do this, take the cover between you and the robot while the robot follows you. As the robot comes towards you, it will fall from the lid into the boiler and clean the boiler.
Once you’ve cleaned all three boilers in this way, jump down and use the oil valve near the Backup Boilers chamber door.

Now you need to activate 6 boilers.
There is a red indicator on each boiler. The boiler will be activated if you turn the valve of the indicator while the two hands are in the same position.
Start all 6 boilers and go back to the first room with the main control panel.

Main Control Panel, First Room
Use Engine Order Telegraph. Answer the phone that will ring. The captain will tell you that he has activated access to Olympia from the main elevator and you have to come to Olympia.
Open the door of the room with the exit sign just below the platform with a laser and use the elevator to go to Celestial Deck.

Celestial Deck
Go to the main elevator by looking at the map and use the elevator to go to Olympia by pressing the button labeled Olympia.