TechnoTsunami Walkthrough Part 2 – Atrium

When you exit the elevator, Mr. White will tell you to talk to his man on the top floor.

There are 2 NPCs on this floor. Dr. Barista and Jim.

Talk to Dr. Barista, he will give you the “Barista” task.

Follow Dr. Barista and wait for the corridor doors to open. Kill 4 enemy robots in two corridors, take the Robot brains off them and return to Dr. Barista.
Dr. Barista will ask you to go to Spare Parts shop and bring 3 robot heads from there.
Go to the corridor near where Dr. Barista is. Go to the very end of the corridor and enter the Spare Parts shop by entering the code 2021 on the door.
First, use the robot on the left and make it turn 2 times.
Go to the middle robot without touching the lasers and use it 3 times by crouching so that the laser does not hit you.
And use the robot with a pizza hat on its head 3 times.
Carefully go to the section where the counter is located, and get 3 robot legs.
Then, again carefully use the robot legs on the robots and have them rotate until the lasers reach the buttons on the top of the switch.
When the lasers of all robots touch the buttons, the panel protecting the switch will open. Use the switch. Showcases will be opened.
Get the Atrium map and 3 Robot heads from the showcases.

Go back to Dr. Barista. She will ask you to bring 1 cask of whiskey.
Go to Lost Cycle drinking club and use the whiskey barrel. Drag the barrel over the big Robot head near Dr. Barista.
If somehow the keg gets stuck somewhere, you can restore the keg to its original location by saving and reloading the game.

Wait for Dr. Barista to activate the Robot head. This Robot head will make your job easier by automatically attacking enemy robots it sees.

The quest will be completed when the Barista opens the entrance to the oilhouse.

Weaver will come if you take the Coffee Machine in the bar. So be prepared. First make sure that Dr. Barista is removing the barricades in front of the stairs. Then, take the stairs to the second floor and go to the room where the Quantum Accelerometer is glowing white or visible on the map. The door to the room is closed. You can see the code with your mobile phone from the left panel. Enter the code and use the switch when it’s dark enough. Wait inside the circle of light until Weaver is gone.

“Purist” Continued
Go to the top floor and talk to Mr. White’s man who is standing near the entrance of the Jazz club. Thus the “Purist” quest will be completed and you will receive a new quest “Mr. White”

Follow Mr. White’s man and wait for the hallway door to open.
It will ask you to activate 5 hidden alarms in the shops shown with red fields on the map.
Enter the corridor through the opening door and go to Pub on the left.

If you look at the drink bottles in the bar with a cell phone, you will see blue shapes.
When you set the hour and minute hands of the three clocks on the opposite wall to match the symbol opposite each clock. The grill that closes the transition between Pub and Arcade will open.
Go to Arcade from here.

Use the foosball machine. If you score 5 goals, the key to GYM will come out of the pinball machine. Gym’s coach dropped his key here while playing foosball.
If the ball remains inaccessible while playing foosball, you can reset the ball from the red button on the head of the machine.

When you win the game, the window of the next showcase will open. Don’t forget to get the Handheld Console from there.

Exit the Arcade, use the left door to go to the opposite corridor and enter the Remote Control room.

Remote Control Room
There are two controls in this room, the one on the right is controlling the car, and the one on the left is the cleaner robot on the twisted steel track. You can complete the “Eye of the tiger” mission by controlling the car. For this task, see the post for the task below.
Use the controls on the left and take control of the cleaning robot on the Twisted Steel track.

Like the track in the first part, you have to reach the end of the track by exploding the things that block your way. If you fall down the track, you can teleport to the last teleport you activated using the teleporter.

Blast the whiskey crates on the lowest floor. Thus, the moving platform will be active. Go to the end of the platform and jump on the opposite teleporter and activate the teleporter. If you fall, you will now be able to teleport here. Blast the Whiskey crates right near the teleporter. Thus, the second mobile platform will also be active.
When you complete the track and come to the finish, the window of the showcase with “Remote Controller” will open.

Get the “Remote Controller”. Also take the cleaning robot on the small table. You can now go near the cleaning robots that are walking around and collect them before they explode themselves. Through the Remote Control, you can control the cleaning robots and enter places you normally cannot enter, go unseen to enemies with the left mouse and detonate them, and with the right mouse you can throw them like grenades even if the Remote Controller is not selected. You can also buy Steward Robots from vending machines.

Use the left vent cover. And then go in using the Remote Controller and go over the button in the ground. Thus, a passage to the lower floor will be opened. If you descend from the gate downstairs with a robot without leaving the control of the robot, you can explode the enemy robot there. Before jumping downstairs. Go to “Beauty Saloon” at the end of the top floor hallway. And while you’re there, don’t forget to open the gate to the Atrium main area.

Beauty Salon
Under the counter is bullets and power drink. Also, the note here gives you a clue in which order you should use the barber chairs.

Use the number one chair once.
Use chair number three twice.
Finally, use chair number four once.
Be careful, when you use all the chairs, 4 enemy robots will come. You can blow these robots with Cleaner robots. So make sure you have enough robots beforehand.
Return to the Remote Control room and crouch down the passage downstairs to the Fine Jewlry.

Fine Jewlry
You need to activate all the little alarm buttons in this shop. There are as many buttons as each flower pot in the shop. After using the first button, you can find the other buttons by following the beep sounds.
Press the button under the counter.
Press the button below the cash register.
Use the button below the flamingo statue.
Use the button on the bottom of the pot, following the sound.
Use the button below the flower vase on the counter.
Use the switch behind the mirror on the wall behind the counter.
Use the other button below the flamingo statue
Finally, use the button on the pot on the floor behind the counter.
When you use the last button, 4 enemy robots will come and you will activate one more stealth alarm.

Don’t forget to collect the Smart Watch in the showcase as well.

Use the ventilation cover at the back of the counter. Use the Remote Controller to go through here and blast the cases closing the door. Tailor’s door is now open. Go to Tailor using the corridor.


Here are eight mannequins and eight hats on the table. The hats on the mannequins should be in the same color order as the hats on the table.
The color sequence starts from the leftmost mannequin while looking towards the window, Purple, Green, Black, Pink, Blue, Orange, White, Yellow.

Use the second mannequin from the right, take his purple hat and attach it to the left-most model.
Take the hat of the rightmost mannequin and attach it to the second one from the left.
Attach the hat of the fourth model from the right to the third mannequin from the left.
Take the pink hat of the rightmost mannequin and attach it to the fourth mannequin from the left
When you take the orange hat of the second mannequin from the right and attach it to the third mannequin from the right, the secret alarm will be activated and enemy robots will come again. From here go to the Billiard Hall in the opposite hallway.

Billiard Hall
Go inside and speak to Rocket on the right. Rocket will go to the table and put all the balls into the holes in one hit.
Use the billiard table and the ball will randomly enter a hole and you will learn that you need to find someone with good physics knowledge.
Dr. Barista told you that she was a Nuclear Physicist before she became a Barista.
Talk to Dr. Barista, she will ask you to collect 3 radio transmitters.
The first transmitter is attached to the back of the radio near the barista.
The second transmitter is on the second floor, under the wallphone to the left of Tailor.
The last transmitter is on the top floor, under a cocktail table in the car showroom.
After picking up the transmitters, return to the billiard hall.
You can use the mobile phone to see where you will use the transmitters.
The first transmitter is right next to the jukebox,
The second is under the pool table,
The third is on the wall behind the sofa near the Rocket.
Now use the billiard table again and take control of the billiard ball.
Follow the blue track on the table to the end and make sure that all the balls enter the holes at the same time.
Thus, one more hidden alarm will be activated.
Also, the showcase next to the pool table will be opened. Don’t forget to get the action camera from there.
Rocket will attack you saying you cheated. But when he takes some damage, he’ll be friends with you again.
Go to the GYM right next door from here.

Use the boxing machine and when the bag goes down, hit the bag with the baseball bat. The necessary point is marked on the boxing machine to activate the hidden alarm, but you are too strong for that point. So you need someone less powerful.
Talk to Jim “The Strong” on the first floor. He will run to GYM. Follow it.
Jim “The Strong” will stand on a platform in front of the mirror when it comes to GYM. There is a red mark on the mirror. The laser coming out of Jim’s eye must line up with this line.
You can change Jim’s height using the machines at GYM.
Rowing machines will grow Jim while bikes will shrink. The correct order is as follows.
A rowing machine and 3 bicycles.
Wait for Jim to test his strength in boxing machine. When Jim hits the machine, the pointer will come to the marked place and activate the last alarm.
Jim will get angry and attack you for lying to him. When you fight Jim, you can use the oil machine in the room or use the GYM tools and go to the platform where Jim was standing before to regain your strength. Once Jim takes enough damage he will be friends with you again.

Do not forget to get the bottle of GYM Supplement in the opened display.

All alarms are on and the entrance to the Jazz Club is no longer locked.

Now go back to Mr. White’s man at the entrance of the Jazz Club and talk to him and wait for him to open the entrance to the Jazz Club.

Jazz Club
Inside there are “Captain’s special guards”. These robots are stronger than others.
Talk to Mr. White downstairs. You will watch a cinematic and find out that you are actually being used by Alice and Mr.White and the Mr.White quest will be completed.
The captain will contact you and ask you to stop Mr.White and give you the task “The White Robot”.
Jump into the hole in the middle of Jazz Club and head to the Boiler Room.

“Eye of the Tiger” (Side) 1 Techno Coin
Use the boxing machine on the first floor and hit it with the baseball bat. You are not strong enough to reach the marked point on the machine, and you only learn that the pointer can come to the mark if something like a truck hits the machine.
Go to the Remote Control room and use the controller on the left to take control of the car. Carefully drive downstairs down the stairs. If the car gets stuck, you can use the controls again and reset the position of the car.
When it comes to the bottom floor, hit the boxing machine at a high speed using the car.
The cover of the showcase in the Remote Control room will open and you will be able to take Energy Drink from it.

“Ambiance” (Side) Reward 4 Techno Coin
Talk to Jim “The Strong” on the First Floor. He will ask you to collect white fluorescent lamps that irritate his eyes.
The first lamp is at the entrance of the oil house on the first floor.
The second lamp is right under a wall lamp on the top floor, between the Car gallery and where Mr. White’s man was standing.
The third lamp is near the second lamp, right across the entrance of the Jazz club.
The last lamp is on the 3rd floor where the library is written on the map. Under one of the large propellers hanging from the ceiling, it’s suspended from the cable. You can get the last lamp by climbing up on the railing from the seats and jumping from there.
If you save the game before, if you fall down, you will avoid going up again.
After getting the last lamp, go back to Jim on the first floor and complete the task.