TechnoTsunami Walkthrough Part 1 – Celestial Deck

Celestial Deck

C-1 Block Room 1
You remotely connected to the space cruise ship Neon Castle and took control of the robot that just killed Mark. The door of the room is closed and the key appears inside the clock on the wall.
There is a picture on the table and it shows 11:30 in the picture. Open the cover of the clock on the wall by entering the code 1130 and get the key.

Use the elevator to reach the second floor. As soon as you leave the elevator, Alice will talk to you and give you the “Welcome to the Neon Castle” quest. You can see your tasks and other notes you find by entering your journal. You can open the journal by pressing the “J” key.
Alice didn’t realize you took control of the robot and thinks you are the friend she’s still working with. She says she found a new room and you come there.

“Welcome to the Neon Castle”

Enter room 12 and take the note on the floor at the entrance and the key to room number 3 below the note.
Then go to room 11 and get the map. You can open the map by pressing the “M” key.

Then go to room number 3 and take the Basketball Bat and break the grill cover under the table. Go through the ventilation duct to the area between Blocks C-1 and C-2. There is an enemy robot here. You can fight it or you can escape. Jump into the pipe next to the air conditioner and from there onto the air conditioner and from there to the ventilation duct. At the very end of the ventilation duct, there is another pipe in the wall to the right of the Power Drink. Jump on that pipe and then into the opposite ventilation duct.

The glass of the first room you encounter is broken. Enter the room through the window and grab the gun from the table.

Go to room 11 and talk to Alice.She asks you to pick up a strange object from room 8.
Go to room number 9, room code 1117.
When you take the note on the desk, you see two codes 101010 and 010101. In the opposite room, each tiny robot has a duplicate, and the duplicates’ eyes glow with red or green light.
A score of 1 will be written on the panel on the wall of the room if you smash a copy of the robot with a red light, and a score of 0 if you smash the copy of the green light robot.
What you have to do is break tiny robots in one red and one green or vice versa.
If you make a mistake, use the light button next to the door and the score and robots will be restored.

When you get the correct score, the door to room 8 will open. Take the laptop from room 8 and go to room 11 next to Alice.

Put the computer on the table. Wait a moment and Alice will tell you that she will examine the computer later and found a note on the floor.
Upon reading the note, she will give you a new quest and the “Welcome to the Neon Castle” quest will be completed.

“Good Neighbor”

Go to room number 7. According to the note, there is a key under one of the flowerpots on the door. Take the key and enter the room. Again, according to the note, a secret passage becomes active when the room’s light is turned off. Use the light switch next to the door and use the wall grille cover on the right side of the window. Follow the ventilation duct and enter room 1 downstairs.

When you get the note on the desk, you will receive a new task “Rust in Peace”. Take the Smart Phone below the note. When you put the mobile phone on the table in Alice’s room, the “Good Neighbor” quest will be completed.

“Rust in Peace”
According to the note, the dead robot lying on the ground in the room where you first came to the ship swallowed the battery of the Smart Phone and you learn that you need the doctor’s tools to get it.
Look at the map and go to the doctor’s office. The code for the door is 911. Enter the room and take the key to the doctor’s room from the table.
Go to the C-1 block and use the elevator to go upstairs. Go into room 9 and grab the doctor’s tool kit from under the bed.
Go downstairs and go to room number 1. Use the Doctor’s toolbox on the dead robot lying on the ground and take the Phone Battery from the robot.

Return to room 11, Block C-2, next to Alice. When you use the battery on the phone on the desk, the task will be completed and you will receive a new task “Shopping List”.

“Shopping list”
Alice will tell you that another turret has taken over. You can use turrets using the controller in the room. She tells you that she inspected the objects you brought and realized that an object she had seen before could fit these devices.
Go to C-1 Block room 5. The code for the door is 1114. Enter the room and go to the front of the window where you will see the cell phone charger standing outside the glass in space and you will get a new task.
Alice will tell you that the Chief has a device that can clean outside of the ship using cleaning robots. But Alice will tell you that the kitchen is locked and you have to go to the Chef’s friend Steve’s room.
Steve’s room is at C-2 Block 5, just below Alice’s room. The code for the door of the room is 5. You see Steve lying on the bed with his stomach torn. Before Steve died, he wrote on the windows and walls that you should not eat the chef’s pizza.
Take the key to the kitchen from the table.

Use the map to go to the kitchen. Here you have to fight the Chief. When the chief dies, take the key to the Chief’s room. Go to the Chef’s room inside the kitchen. When you get the sound recorder device on the table you will get a new task “Space Clams”. Take control of the cleaning robot outside the spaceship using the controller on the seat.
The cleaner robot can jump with the “Space” key. You can detonate the robot with the left mouse button and release the control of the robot with the E or Esc key. There is also a device with a light beam on the ground. These devices are teleport devices. It will be active when you pass through the next teleporter, and when you enter the first teleporter, it will teleport you to the last teleporter.

“Space Clams” (Side) Reward 1 Techno Coin
When you explode 7 Space Clams, the window of the showcase with the DVD player will open and you will be able to get the DVD Player. The Cleaner Robot will automatically teleport the parts to the trash. The Chef used these mussels in his pizzas and fed them to robots on board.

“Shopping List” Continued
Blow up the Space mussel on the moving platform with propellers by controlling the Cleaner Robot outside the ship. The platform will start moving up and down. Teleport here again using the teleporter and use the mobile platform to go upstairs to the platform.
After activating the teleporter by entering it, detonate the Space mussel that blocks the road. Teleport to the last teleporter again, continue straight and jump onto the opposite platform. When you turn around you will see the charger in front of the window. Jump over the charger to teleport the charger to the trash can.

Go to the kitchen and grab the charger on the floor by the trash can. Return to Alice (Block C-2, room 11). Use the charging cable in the computer and wait for the mobile phone to charge. Get it when the phone is charged. Thus, the “Shopping List” task will be completed. And a cinematic will begin. In the cinematic, you see Alice trying to explode you with the cleaning robot to get rid of you, but the robot loses control and the robot goes over Alice instead of going to you. Before the robot explodes, Alice manages to escape by jumping out of the window.

Soon after, the leader of the technologists Mr. White will contact you and say that he was the one who took control of the cleaning robot and helped you and that the Captain imprisoned him in the Atrium. He will ask you to come to the Atrium by following the Technologists’ clues and he will give you a new task. “Purists”

Go to the door near the Power room by following the blue arrows on the floor, visible from the Smart Phone’s screen. Use the frame on the left side of the door. A key will fall on the ground.
Take the key and open the hallway door.
Take the cleaner robot needed for the task “It’zzz minezz bzzzt” on the ground from the right.
There’s also a Quantum Accelerometer here. You will have to come back here later. Quantum Accelerometer are shown on the map with an orange star.
You will see that the other side of the corridor is barred. Take the note on the floor. In the note, you learn that you need termite to unlock the fence, and you need to find Aluminum to make termites. The note also describes how to open the Power room door.

Use the frames in the corridor where the power room is to have a “Grand Prix Los Angeles” poster in all frames. Then go to the corridor where the Doctor’s office and Sauna are and have a Robots Concert poster on all the frames there. You will see the Power room door open when you do this.

When you go to the power room and get the note and the key to the toilet, you will get the “Clogged Pipes” task.

“Clogged Pipes”
Go to the restrooms. Go to the men’s side on the left and you will see that the pipe above is blocked by an Energy Drink. Use the toilets in the following order.
Men’s side 3 – 2 – 3 – 2 – 1
Women’s side 1 – 2 – 3 – 2 – 3
When you take the Energy Drink from the Toilet, the “Clogged Pipes” task will be completed.

“Purists” Continued
Go back to the corridor with the locked fence and use the thermite you made using the aluminum from the Energy Drink in the lock. Follow the path up the stairs on the right side of the corridor and descend the stairs on the other side to the door of the purists’ secret room.
The code of the door is written on the left sign. To see the code, look at the sign with the cell phone. Enter the room using the code.

You will see 4 switches on the wall. Make the LCD TV come down by pulling the two switches in the middle. It says 9387 on the screen of the LCD TV and shows a cupboard in the Restaurant.

When you take the LCD TV, a warning music will start playing and Mr. White will contact you.
Using the map, run towards the Quantum Accelerometer you saw before.
When you pull the wall switch that activates the Quantum Accelerometer, the Accelerometer will remain active for 20 seconds. So don’t use the switch early. Wait until it is completely dark and pull the lever to wait inside the resulting ring of light. After a while, the environment will light up and Weaver will be gone. You can now exit the ring of light.

Go to the restaurant and open the cabinet to the left of the flamingo statue by entering the code 9387 and take the key inside.

Follow the blue arrows on the ground to the C-3 Block gate. Open the door by entering the code on the top sign with your phone. Only 2 rooms are open here. Get the fuse for the elevator by entering room number 4. In the note here, you learn that the Purists think you killed Mark.

Go back to the power room and use the fuse in the fuse box. Activate the fuse box and restore power to the Main elevator by pulling the middle switch.

Go to the Atrium using the elevator.

“It’zzz minezz bzzzt” (Side) Reward 1 Techno Coin
If you haven’t taken the task yet, you will receive it when you see a cleaning robot running around in front of the toilets and carrying a “Selfbalancing Scooter” on its back.
If you pick the cleaner robot next to the Quantum Accelerator, go to room C-1 Block 6 and enter the code 7575 (written under the robot’s body) on the door.
Inside, there are 100 gold coins and an empty Energy drink can on the table. There is also a prototype cleaning robot on the small table in front of the glass. Get the cleaning robot.

Go to the restrooms. Put the prototype robot in front of the door and wait for the cleaning robot to arrive. The robot will take the prototype and drop the Selfbalancing Scooter. You can complete the mission by getting the scooter.

Star Sk8ter(Side Quest) Reward 1 Techno Coin
There is a skateboard in C-1 Block Room 2 but you can’t get it yet because the skateboard is protected by turrets and stands on a weight-sensitive platform.
You learn that you have to put an object of the same weight on the platform. If you have completed the quest “It’zzz minezz bzzzt”, you have already received the item you will put. If you haven’t, take the Cleaner Robot standing on the floor next to the Quantum Accelerometer on the map and return to the room and take the skateboard off the platform. However, you will see that the platform is active. Escape the room now.