About TechnoTsunami

Year 1930

Year 1930 somewhere in deep space near a strange planet. You are coming from a ruined future of 2130s. Almost at the edge of an apocalypse.

Some people from the 1930s found a way to send human controlled robots and ships to space. Likewise, some items from the future teleport to the same spot in space. Robot passengers of a Space Cruise Ship named Neon Castle , captured the technology and knowledge of the 2030s and this might cause an apocalypse, a TechnoTsunami.

Your objective is to collect all of the future technology which does not belong to the past and save the future before it’s too late, while sailing on a space cruise ship drifting over a TechnoTsunami.

  • Beautiful settings of a mysterious cruise ship in space with the combined style of different centuries.
  • Solve puzzles and uncover the mysteries.
  • Collect technology from the future
  • Fight or work together with robots. Which are remotely controlled by humans on earth.