Month: March 2020


Revolverstein Double 1

Hello dear readers. Since my game is about clashing of different technologies. I am always thinking of ways to combine different ideas. Here is what we have today: a Revolverstein. Body from brass reminding us we are in the 1930s world. Exhaust pipes, color and number on hud coming from a model already in the …

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Nameless Cleaner Bots

Cleaner Bot TechnoTsunami

A lot of games have little critters running around. They make the environment more dynamic. And they are funny. They run around carefree, they do stupid things. And this Cleaners Bot is my mechanic critter. It cleans, checks around, falls in love and sometimes gives you missions. Thanks to Cleaner Bots almost everywhere in the …

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About TechnoTsunami

Year 1930 Year 1930 somewhere in deep space near a strange planet. You are coming from a ruined future of 2130s. Almost at the edge of an apocalypse. Some people from the 1930s found a way to send human controlled robots and ships to space. Likewise, some items from the future teleport to the same …

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